Xinwenxing New Industrial Park officially put into use


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Xinwenxing New Industrial Park officially put into use

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In the beautiful backyard of Quanzhou, there is a brand-new new industrial park, Xinwenxing Industrial Park, which was officially put into use at the end of 2015, including production areas and living and entertainment areas.
The living environment of the new industrial park is strictly managed. There are basketball courts, leisure plazas, laundry rooms, supermarkets, free canteens, gardens, children's parks, etc. Each dormitory has a separate washroom and balcony. Many employees have settled their homes in the new texts. When they are relaxing, they can see the warmth of the three generations.
Production area, new industrial park plant area of ​​200,000 square meters, has purchased and introduced a number of internationally advanced production equipment, such as: Germany imported laser cutting machine, turret punch, high-precision CNC lathe, Japan imported laser welding machine, etc. And the establishment of the current domestic advanced electroplating and spraying lines, so that the production capacity has been further improved, many large lamps and lanterns can not be manufactured by lighting companies, we can do a good job. In terms of product technology, it also has many advantages. The whole product line of our new text line is from R&D design→production processing (including process glass, casting, machining, stone processing, wood processing)→surface treatment (including polishing, electroplating, spraying). Workshop)→Assembly assembly (including beading and cloth cover workshop)→Inspection and storage are all one-stop operation, which is more conducive to the progress of product production and control of quality, ensuring that each lighting meets the design requirements and ensures that it is on schedule. delivery.
Xinwenhang has been engaged in lighting manufacturing for more than 20 years and has a team of professionals from design, electronics, hardware, machinery, glass, electrical and other specialties, specializing in technology development, production control, process improvement, quality control and so on. From the beginning of the project bidding, there will be arrangements for professionals to analyze and compare the products of the project, and conduct market research to ensure that the materials used in each project and each lighting are in place in time to achieve the quality and delivery of each lighting product. The period can be guaranteed.
After the new industrial park was put into use, the new text bank also spent huge sums of money to introduce new management of production management and to do a good job in quality control of each procedure. Make sure the quality of each lamp is flawless. At the same time, the design team was reorganized to optimize the product structure, develop more products, and give customers more choices.
In terms of the construction of the talent team, Xinwen Bank has openly recruited a group of talents with both talents and talents to the society to enrich the team of new texts every year, which has brought fresh blood to the continuous development of the new culture. At the same time, Xinwenxing attaches great importance to cooperation with colleges and universities and research institutes, and has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with it, laying a solid foundation for the training of talents in the new culture. At the same time, Xinwenxing attaches great importance to the training of employees. By providing employees with new employees, job qualifications and rewarding training, it improves the overall quality of on-the-job personnel, meets various work needs, and ensures product quality and quality. The effective operation of the system and the continuous development of the new text.
With the advancement of society, as an indispensable carrier of future human civilization, human needs for light art and light culture will unstoppable into all aspects of people's lives and work. Based on the broad market prospects of China's lighting industry and the state's policy of advocating the establishment of green lighting and energy-saving lighting, Xinwen Bank has specially set up the Lighting Art Research Department on the basis of the original production, and used the excavation light art as an entry point for commercial lighting. Strategic research, development and promotion, as the strategic focus of the further development of the new culture. The new text will be based on the needs of users is our needs. The future and future of Xinwenxing will be devoted to the continuous pursuit of human pursuit of light art and light culture. We will try our best to provide users with a more complete system solution and excellent after-sales service, so that Xinwenxing will become a first-class enterprise with a larger scale and higher level.
Xinwenhang has set up two business divisions and four major brands, among which the two major brands of the project division are Xinwenxing Lighting and SKYLUX Lighting to serve five-star hotels, luxury villas, brand stores, luxury clubs, national and municipal projects. The high-end market is mainly for projects; the two brands of the channel division are Outstin Lighting, Wentong Lighting and Lighting, and provide customers with professional, efficient and thoughtful product supply and after-sales service.
At present, Xinwenxing has established a new sales service for more than a dozen large and medium-sized cities in China. The products are sold well in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in the mainland, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and Africa, and are favored by domestic and foreign consumers.
Xinwenxing Lighting is marching towards a brighter international production and management road with a brand-new attitude. It will bring our beloved customers and a perfect new style to the world with new ideas, new skills and perfect services. Lighting.